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You are a moving brand, keep it on a good level always 

It is yet another beautiful day, and we the Campus Broadcast team would like to share a few tips with you as to how to carry yourself as a person,  or a student, to take advantage of some undue opportunities.

We in the field of communication give so much cognizance to branding.  All our efforts/communications are geared towards creating a very good image of our organizations in the mind of our target audience. We shed so much light on what we stand for as a team,  thereby developing a credible brand for our organizations.

As a matter of fact, it is not only organizations that require branding, but we as individuals are living and moving brands, so we require some form of branding too.

My questions for you today are what is your brand,  what image do you portray that is diminishing or promoting your brand? What ideas are you putting in peoples head with the kind of life you live, the way you dress and look as a student?

There are so many opportunities we stand to scoop if we brand and groom ourselves very well as students

The branding process starts with our appearance,  what we wear and how we look, because people are very quick to judge us based on that, even though they may not know the qualities that lie within us.

When you enter an interview room,  one of the first and vital things they look at is your appearance. It says a lot about you as a person.

Even though job interviews may be extremely formal, we go through very informal interviews almost everyday when we meet people, especially new ones. They will throw questions at you, study you and they will call it a conversation. The point is they will judge you by the conversations you will have with them. Whether or not they will recommend you for a job depends highly on your demeanor and series of conversations they have with you.

You are highly likely to greet a man who is sharply dressed in suit and a tie when walking on the street. Even if you won’t, you’ll harbour some sort of admiration for the person. Whether or not doing that is a conscious decision I can not prove but that is the power of appearance, a very vital aspect of branding.

I am a little bit less learned about being a good leader but because of my appearance and demeanor people sometimes convince me to aspire for the  SRC presidential position, which in actual fact I do not even see myself as being capable of standing for. That should tell you how important your appearance matters to your brand.

I will finish by saying that you may not be a product or an organization but you are marketable.

Thank you.

Daniel K. Selormey


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