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Public Relations, A Fuel To Drive Your Business.

In this era of massive competition and heavy industrialization in the business community, it takes a great deal of effort to stand out of the lot and make an indelible mark in the minds of customers, prospects, target audiences or what so ever way we term them in our fields of work. Quality, quantity and affordable goods or services may sell but to rise above the ladder of competition you require more than just these three factors; Public Relations (Communication) is very much essential.

Public Relations have gone through so much transformation and as it stands now it is one of the fastest growing professions worldwide. From the legacy (traditional) media form of communication to the blend of the traditional media with that of what we call the new/social media. From the one-way flow of information to the two-way flow of information; information from organizations to publics and from publics to organizations (interactivity).

As the saying goes in business and marketing “the customer is always right,” it is only when we allow customers to voice out their opinions we are able to discover how right they are.

Competition in business has come to stay forever but what do we do to stay above competition and achieve our goals as a business or an entity? We ought to employ the best of best Public Relations tactics and strategies to run our businesses, that way we can create a better image/reputation for ourselves in the minds of our customers.

The University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) upon realizing the great value Public Relations has in business has put measures in place (Facilities and Lecturers) to run a comprehensive Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Relations Management, the first and best of its kind in this country, Ghana.

A program which is a blend of so many essential courses in the fields of Communication, Human Psychology, Sociology, Business, Human Resource, Marketing, Linguistics and many more such as Scholarly Writing, Business Communication, Public Relations in Practice, Sociology, Psychology, Integrated Marketing Communication, Political Communication, Public Relations Workshop, Event Management, Media Relations and many more throughout the four-year Bachelor’s Degree program.

Even though UPSA runs this significant program, the turn up have been low over the years. This we believe is as a result of the fact that enough publicity is not done about the program to the public by the university. It has made it look as if Public Relations is the last and least program to be mentioned when mentioning other programs such as Business Administration, Banking and Finance and the likes.

Some of us, having studied Public Relations for some time now know for certain how relevant it is in this era of free flow of pertinent information in society and have decided not to sit back and watch but rather apply some of the skills we have acquired in the study of Public Relations to promote what seems to be less recognized in our society and in UPSA.

Even though the practice of Public Relations is on the rise in Ghana and in many other parts of the world, some of our publics do think of us as spin doctors and liars but to make things clear, the practice of Public Relations is based on nothing but the basic principle of honesty. The importance of Public Relations must not be recognized only when the image of organizations is in shambles but in all times of an organization’s life span.


Thank you.

By: Daniel K. Selormey

Program: B.A. Public Relations Management (Level 300)

Email: danielkselormey@gmail.com


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