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So help us God, we shall serve our nation; Prayer of an NSS personnel

Tomorrow is the 4th of September, to some people it is just another day of work. To many others, it is a day they get to go to class again to meet their teachers and lecturers. To another group, it is a day they get out of bed and get their boots on.

For a total of about 90,000 Ghanaian NSS personnel, it is a day where they start a new journey. A journey into the 2017/2018 service year. This journey brings excitement to a section of them, whilst it brings a nightmare to others. However, some of them are just indifferent.

The interesting part of this whole journey is that, Ghana our motherland has called us to duty. A call that we cannot refuse to answer. It is a call that one needs to answer to give back to our country. Refusal to answer this call can have some real consequences on any individual in the future.

A call to serve our motherland, not so enticing, but necessary

The concern of many of the NSS personnel is the timing of this call. This call to service comes at a time when the country is bleeding. It comes at a time when it feels almost useless doing things for our country. It comes at a time when it feels like sacrificing for Ghana is meaningless if not useless.

The good thing however is that, no matter how unwilling it  felt to answer this call, we have answered. From this point on, we shall give off our best to mother Ghana. We pray God in heaven sees us through and gives us the strength to serve and serve well.

What to do when the going gets tough?

It is going to get difficult, it will be tough, it will get to times that giving up will make sense rather than the urge to continue. There will be pressure in certain instances; pressure that won’t be paid for by the GHC 559.04 NSS allowance.

There will be times that it will look like a waste of time. In all these times, we shall remember Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana and just keep going. We shall remember the Ghana that is worth dying for. We shall remember Yaa Asantewaa’s Ghana and keep moving on.

Its is the old Ghana that we can remember to keep us going, not the current Ghana we live in. When we remember the current Ghana, we shall give up and just say “We’ve had enough”. We shall not remember the “galamsey Ghana” neither shall we remember the Ghana where the punishment for traffic offences is GHC 5.

An advice from a fellow NSS personnel

“Let’s work our hearts out, not because we shall be paid at the end of the month, but because we want to see our country Ghana work again. In our various offices, let’s keep up high standards, let’s do right by all manner of persons, for Ghana needs us to do the right things alone” — @paulkplorla

After all is said and done, a year from now we shall be smiling as we finish our service to the nation. We shall finish and face the next chapter of our lives with hope, vision and enthusiasm waiting to take on the world.


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