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Dear UPSA Fresher, A few things you should know about UPSA

Dear UPSA fresher, as you may already know, a tertiary institution is a place where individuals get the opportunity to discover themselves more. Specifically to develop themselves in the context of skills to best fit into the corporate world.

UPSA is also a school, unlike our senior high schools, and junior high schools, UPSA is a tertiary institution; that sounds a lot like freedom to me, yeah freedom.  Just like we have communities in countries, UPSA is a community on its own. A place where you can do whatever you want, provided it doesn’t go against the laws of the country, and that of the school. Above all is learning, the reason why you and I are here.

UPSA is arguably the only professional tertiary institution in the country, and you must be proud of that. The institution’s core principles are that of professionalism in every aspect, especially in dressing. They groom you to fit into the corporate world the best way possible.

Every program is easy, yet every program is difficult in UPSA, its all about your mindset, and effort. You must have the “can do spirit” to sail through. Farmers require very sharp cutlasses to be effective when weeding, and you as fresh students of UPSA require fully sharpened minds to make it, and it starts with making yourself believe you can make it.

Exams are always like final papers, take them seriously

I don’t mean to scare you but every exam on campus is a final exam. All the scores you acquire will accumulate to the end of your stay on campus. So you must lay strong foundations for yourself from the moment the whistle is blown at the starting line.

To talk of academics, UPSA is fully packed with very productive lecturers who are good on the job. They engage in very interactive sessions with students where projectors, and microphones are available to enhance teaching, and learning. Presentations are a norm on campus. These presentations when learnt, and done well will boost your confidence, and interpersonal skills. If you’re wondering at this moment how you are going to learn this, don’t bother yourself, constant practice in the lecture halls will make you better. Just prepare your mind to learn.

Personal development and fun is an assurance

In UPSA several seminars are organized every now, and then to develop you academically, interpersonally, health wise, relationship wise, and on many more other important issues I didn’t mention. During these seminars you’ll get the opportunity to meet, interact, and exchange contacts with very interesting people with high ranking in society, and their fields of study.

I will not end without writing about fun, because they say all work, and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I still do remember my primary school poems very well, awesome isn’t? UPSA is a very wide community, yet captured within a small area of land, so you’ll get to meet, and interact with so many new people every blessed day. There is a wide range of associations, and clubs on campus to make it very easy for you. The Rotary Club, Advance Youth Club, and so many Ministries, just to mention a few. Faculty/Departmental, and SRC weeks are full of recreational activities that will blow your mind.

I’ll end by saying that being free feels good, but it comes with a huge price, so as you seek not to miss out on the fun packed activities remember the main reason you are in school is to learn, and make the grades.

Thank You

Daniel K. Selormey
Lead Blogger, Campus Broadcast GH
Public Relations Department
Level 300


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